Tracy Stuever

Tracy Stuever,  Studio Owner - harp, piano, guitar, voice, drums

Tracy Stuever, Studio Owner - harp, piano, guitar, voice, drums

Tracy started playing piano (self taught) at the age of 7.  She added on many instruments over the years, singing and playing guitar proficiently by the age of 13.  By this point in her life, she began composing songs as well.

In the fifth grade, her formal training started with the snare drum.  Her self-developed skills as a pianist aided her in class as she quickly added timpani and mallet percussion to her skill set.  From there she participated in the GMEA District Band in 8th grade, and then did so again every year until she graduated high school.  

In her senior year of high school, she attended the Governors Honors Program for percussion, made the All-State band, and was a member of the prestigious Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra.  In addition to her commitments with the school band, Tracy was a dedicated member of the High School Choir and even student taught the Women's Choir during her senior year of high school.  She performed in over ten musicals and played guitar and sang in every talent show.

In 2007, Tracy graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education.  She also received certification from the GAPSC (Georgia Professional Standards Commission).  During her time at the University, she performed in the Wind Symphony, Wind Esemble, Tropical Breeze Steel Band, Georgia Brass and accompanied many other musicians in solo rectials.   She trained on over 40 different instruments during her college years!

Tracy has been teaching in privately in Downtown Monroe for over 9 years now. It is her vision to fill the community with musicians who wish to share the gift of music for all the hear. She believes that music brings us together, enriches our lives and is always there to speak for us when words fail. She welcomes students of all ages and all ability levels!