Infant and Toddler Music Class

Class Description: A music class specialized for infants and toddlers, ages 8 months through 2 years, led by our instructor Carly King!  This class is open to any child of any ability (special needs included) and at least one parent is required to stay and participate with their child/children. This class will serve as an introductory course to music but will also implement other goals using music, such as socialization, motor movement, and pre-school age appropriate learning concepts (counting, learning colors and shapes, etc.).  Classes will be held on Fridays from 10:00am-10:45am and will cost $15/class. Use the “Buy Now” button to register with a credit card OR fill out the information form to register and bring exactly $15 cash (please bring exact cash) or check (payable to Tracy Stuever) to the class.

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