Delaire Gackle

Delaire Gackle:  piano, ukulele, guitar, saxophone, composition

Delaire Gackle: piano, ukulele, guitar, saxophone, composition

Delaire Gackle is a senior at Loganville Christian Academy and has been involved in music from her earliest years. She began the study of piano in private lessons 10 years ago which allowed her to develop a solid foundation in the fundamentals of music. She took this knowledge and added ukulele, guitar and saxophone to her skill set. She has played alto saxophone in the high school band for 7 years during which she has been selected for many prestigious groups such as the GISA All-Select Band.

Besides being a instrumentalist, she also composes and arranges her own songs on the side. She scored the soundtrack to a short film titled “Lane” and arranged the second movement of her sophomore year marching band performance, “Mary Poppins”.  She also enjoys music theory and looks to pursue a career in film composition in college.  

Aside from music, Delaire also enjoys drawing, reading, petting her cat, and teaching. She has been teaching private lessons for over a year and is excited to bring her talents to Stuever Studios. She is also currently teaching 4th-5th grade band class after school and is taking ECE with the school’s lower school music teacher in the fall. She believes that teaching kids music is important and helps them in many ways throughout their years, forming them into more creative and inspired individuals. She loves having the opportunity to pass on her passion for music to others.