Kirk Redman

Kirk Redman,  guitar, ukulele

Kirk Redman, guitar, ukulele

As a young kid, Kirk heard a fellow elementary school student playing classical guitar. Although the student was not any sort of prodigy, hearing what another young person could do on a guitar was enough to hook him on music for good.

Kirk Redman is a lifelong guitarist and musician originally hailing from Michigan where he studied privately as well as in a pre-college program at Olivet College. After many years of study in Michigan, Kirk began attending one of the oldest guitar programs in the country at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music on scholarship. While in Ohio, he had the chance to work with some of the most renowned guitar educators in the world, including Clare Callahan, Jason Vieaux, and Oscar Ghiglia.

Following a few gap years as a working musician in Ohio, Kirk resumed his studies in Colorado where he earned a masters degree with Jonathan Leathwood. As a part of the program in Denver, students were required to participate in various chamber ensembles. Building on his already significant chamber experience, Kirk eventually formed the DNT Guitar Trio with his two classmates, who continue to present concerts of newly composed and rarely heard pieces for three guitars, despite the three musicians being spread between Colorado, Georgia, and Denmark.

Kirk is currently pursuing his DMA at the University of Georgia, where he teaches both beginning guitarists and those majoring in the instrument. In addition to guitar, he also teaches academic courses in musicology and history. The environment at UGA also offers Kirk a chance to collaborate with many other performers and composers. In his short time in Georgia, Kirk has performed world premiers of numerous new works for guitar.

When not practicing, arranging, or teaching, Kirk can often be found outside running and preparing for his next race or indoors tending some slice of nature in his home.